About Me

Who I am and What I do

My name is Michal Krejčí, I live in the Czech Republic, my native language is Czech and I am a full-time freelance translator of mostly English language, proofreader of Czech language, copywriter and technical writer in English and Czech languages and lifelong IT, computer and Internet enthusiast.

My Areas of Expertise

My key areas of expertise include the following topics:

  • IT (Information Technology) – Computers, hardware, software, UI/UA materials
  • Telecommunications – Internet telephony / VoIP, PBX, telecommunication devices
  • Internet – advanced hosting technologies, web services and applications (publishing platforms, multimedia systems, documentation tools, ad management, project management etc.)
  • E-commerce – Internet business, payment systems, electronic shops
  • Legal – mostly technical law EU related directives/orders/regulations, terms and conditions, privacy policy etc.)
  • Marketing and corporate – websites, product information, landing pages, legal documents
  • Advertising, Public Relations, Copywriting
  • Games, Video Games, Gaming
  • Engineering machinery (User guides)
  • Home appliances (fridges, ovens, …), gadgets

Areas of expertise where I feel very comfortable (especially generally speaking, not from the translation point of view):

  • Cinema, Film, TV Shows
  • Music
  • Physiotherapy

My Complete Curriculum Vitae

Below you can download a printer friendly version of my résumé in PDF format.

Personal information
First name / Surname Michal Krejčí
Address Bráfova 59, Brno, 74101, Czech Republic
Mobile +420 608 150 293
Nationality Czech
Date of birth 29. 12. 1981
Gender Male
Work experience
Dates March 2012 – November 2012
Occupation English to Czech Translator and Proofreader (In-house Position)
Main activities and responsibilities
  • Translation, checking, editing, preparation of glossaries and related linguistic tasks.
  • Topic: Console gaming – hardware materials, technical guides and games descriptions.
Employer Localsoft, S.L., Calle Severo Ochoa 16-20, Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, Málaga, Spain
Business Type Localization
Dates April 2011 – February 2012
Occupation Business Director / Copywriter
Main activities and responsibilities
  • Formation of a new company in order to open electronic shop with entertaining electronics.
  • Deployment and management of e-commerce and internal company systems.
  • Creation and localization of company and product websites into Czech and English languages.
  • Producing texts for various products and services in English and Czech languages.
Employer ProfiExit s.r.o., Hviezdoslavova 1191/55a, Brno, 627 00, Czech Republic
Business Type Retail Business / IT
Dates September 2005 – April 2011
Occupation Senior Technical Writer (2005 – 2010) / Localization team leader (2010 – 2011)
Main activities and responsibilities
  • Managing localization workflow (translation into 22 languages through external providers).
  • Projecting and implementing solutions for documentation and help files production.
  • Creating and managing English documentation for various security software products.
  • Localization into Czech language.
  • Providing technical support for documentation and localization related tasks.
  • Training junior technical writers.
Employer AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o., Holandská 4, Brno, 639 00, Czech Republic
Business Type IT / Security Software
Dates February 2003 – March 2005
Occupation E-Commerce Manager / Branch Office Director
Main activities and responsibilities
  • Managing project managers, proofreaders, reviewers, temps and external suppliers.
  • Project management – both small and large volume localization and DTP projects.
  • Communication with clients and suppliers mainly in foreign language.
  • Preparation of quotations, concluding agreements, acquiring new clients/suppliers.
  • HR activities – recruitment of new staff (evaluation, training etc.).
  • Technical training of staff and contractors (IT related).
  • Translating and interpreting (English – Czech mostly).
Employer Aspena, s.r.o., Gorkého 15, Brno, 602 00, Czech Republic
Business Type Translation / Localization / Interpreting
Dates January 2003 – October 2006
Occupation Technical Documentation Writer / Copywriter
Main activities and responsibilities Production of software documentation and website content in English language.
Employer Corewebsoft Developers Group, Brno, Czech Republic
Type of business or sector Internet / Web Applications
Dates 1999 – 2002
Occupation Freelance Journalist / Reviewer (Czech language)
Main activities and responsibilities
  • Reviews for a technical journal (CHIP).
  • Writing articles on different topics – telecommunications / Internet / CATV.
Employer Vogel Publishing, s.r.o. and Softwarové Noviny, s.r.o.
Type of business or sector Press
Education and training
Dates 2001 – 2003
Title of qualification awarded None – interrupted due to family reasons.
Principal subjects covered Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Technology
Name of educational organization University of Technology Brno (VUT) – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, CZ
Dates 1997 – 2001
Name of educational organization Gymnasium Palackého 50, Nový Jičín, 741 01, Czech Republic
Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue Czech
Other languages English, Spanish, German
European level
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Understanding – Listening = C2 (Proficient User)
  • Understanding – Reading = C2 (Proficient User)
  • Speaking – Spoken interaction = C1 (Proficient User)
  • Speaking – Spoken production = C1 (Proficient User)
  • Writing – C1 (Proficient User)
  • Understanding – Listening = B1 (Independent User)
  • Understanding – Reading = B1 (Independent User)
  • Speaking – Spoken interaction = B1 (Independent User)
  • Speaking – Spoken production = B1 (Independent User)
  • Writing – B1 (Independent User)
  • Understanding – Listening = A2 (Basic User)
  • Understanding – Reading = A2 (Basic User)
  • Speaking – Spoken interaction = A2 (Basic User)
  • Speaking – Spoken production = A2 (Basic User)
  • Writing – A2 (Basic User)
Technical skills and competences
  • Conducting user training courses (IT topics – MS Office, web publishing, DTP/CAT tools …).
  • IT Technical support of end users in English/Czech language (in person, over e-mail or phone).
  • Educated massage therapist (classic and Swedish massage).
  • Occasional Power yoga instructor.
Computer skills and competences
  • Professional level of IT knowledge (gained through IT hobbies and work experiences).
  • Advanced knowledge of Windows Desktop/Server OS – including hardening security, maintenance, remote administration, users support, scripting, automation etc.
  • Advanced experience with MS Office, Imaging/DTP, Web development, CAT (Trados Studio 2015/2017, memoQ 8, Trados 2007, Wordfast, OmegaT, Idiom, …) and other tools.
  • Basic (semi-advanced in some areas) general Linux OS knowledge.
  • Advanced administration of hosting servers (mail, web, applications, backup) running Linux CentOS (security management, general maintenance), implementation of hosting server and services management software (Plesk, cPanel, Directadmin, WHMCS) and related tasks.
  • Complete projection, production and administration of various web based projects.
  • Advanced experience with implementation of different web applications (publishing platforms, multimedia systems, documentation tools, ad management, project management and more).
  • Good overall knowledge and orientation in the IT and telecommunication business.
  • Wide knowledge of computer hardware, including PC/server assembling.
  • Advanced knowledge of Internet resources – over 15 years of active experience.
  • Projection and administration of computer network, basic knowledge of networking protocols.
Artistic skills and competences
  • Copywriting, journalistic work (mostly IT related articles in English or Czech language).
  • Personal / PR blogging, writing entertaining stories (leisure time activity – primarily in Czech language).
Other skills and competences Physiotherapy (semi-professional interest), sports (power yoga, fitness centre), lifelong IT enthusiast (Computers, Internet or related contraptions), foreign languages (always keen to learn a new one).
Driving license Category B (cars)